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Lydia Roper Home Dedication

Our Impact

Lydia Roper Home is an amazing community and an incredible mission. Captain John Roper built the community in 1920 to honor his late wife’s dedicated service to ladies widowed by the Civil War. In 1963, their grandson formerly presented the community to The United Methodist Conference to be managed by Pinnacle Living (formerly Virginia United Methodist Homes). The Roper family’s gift (endowment) continues Lydia’s mission to serve ladies and provide them a warm and gracious home that will always bear her name.

Lydia Roper Slogan

Pinnacle Living Samaritan Program

At the Lydia Roper Home, we do include a financial and actuarial review for many reasons. Most importantly, we want to be sure that residents can live as they choose and that they will have the resources available they will need in the future if they are blessed with longevity.

The Lydia Roper Home is part of Pinnacle Living formerly Virginia United Methodist Homes, Inc. (VUMH), a not-for-profit organization with a mission that is very important to us. We form a lifetime relationship with our residents and make a commitment to provide assistance to those who, through no fault of their own, may become unable to meet the financial responsibilities of their residence or care. As with many relationships, this one is based on mutual responsibility - in reviewing your financial information and actuarial projections, we can better assure that the plan to call our community home is right for everyone involved.

The Samaritan Program provides peace of mind to residents who have outlived their financial resources. We are committed to an established policy to provide assistance to those who, through no fault of their own, become unable to meet the full cost of our services. This has been an integral part of who we are since our founding in 1948.

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